Youtube will not load on hisense tv?

Dean Streich asked a question: Youtube will not load on hisense tv?
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Clear Cache or Internet Memory Data. If YouTube won't load on Hisense, consider clearing cache or internet memory data. Press the Home button on your remote. Choose Network.

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I have A hisense TV and used to watch YouTube regularly. A couple months ago the TV requested to do an update so I accepted and since the update YouTube will not load my videos. I can sometime watch 1 maybe 2 videos then the app will crash. It will pop up on the screen . By user57949: Netflix Open Samsung Issues

You can fix YouTube on Hisense TV if you know the primary cause of the problem. If the app is buffering, the issue is your internet connection or home network. In case the application is freezing, consider restarting the Smart TV and the app. Also, ensure the YouTube app and the device OS are up-to-date.

We will continue tracking the YouTube TV not working on Roku issue in the meantime so stay tuned to our dedicated YouTube bug tracker. Update 1 (May 29) Responding to a user’s complaint regarding the issue, TeamYouTube — on Twitter — claimed that they’re rolling out a fix for the YouTube TV issue on Roku devices.

If the YouTube app in your Hisense TV freezes or does not load you should check the internet connection first. If you don’t have an active internet connection you could not see any videos on YouTube except the downloaded videos. If you can restore the internet connection everything will be all right again.

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