Youtube video freezes when switching tabs?

Kailee Macejkovic asked a question: Youtube video freezes when switching tabs?
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You will see an option named pause-background-tabs here. Make sure this option is set to “Disabled”. This option will prevent from YouTube videos from pausing even when you switch to another tab.

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Videos freeze when switching tabs? This is an annoying one I can't seem to find an answer for.. When a video is playing, if I switch to another tab and come back after a short while the video will freeze and get stuck buffering, only refreshing the page seems to help and that restarts the video.. I'm using Chrome if that helps.

Youtube video image freezes/blank when switching tabs on Edge. (sound is fine) Would you have an idea why when playing a YouTube video in one tab and then switching tab to search something else on Edge, and then coming back to the YouTube tab, the video is either blank or frozen, sometimes for up to 5 seconds? The sound is fine by the way, no ...

Try running a Youtube video at 2x speed at 1080P and scrolling to comments, switching tabs or just clicking on a different tab on another monitor - All of those produced freezing results to varying degree.

Examples being: - I can no longer load youtube videos fast enough at high quality although I used to be able to do it just fine as I have 12 up and 175 down no problem. - Whenever watching streams on Twitch, if i switch between tabs, the Twitch stream freezes and then when I come back to it I'm behind in whatever's happening.

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