Youtube lagging when playing gamnes?

Gina Cummings asked a question: Youtube lagging when playing gamnes?
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This tends to happen when the video is played using an accelerated codec. The GPU is busy rendering the game and decoding the video, so it will have trouble keeping up with one or both.

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YouTube lags when playing a game on another monitor I like to play rocket league and watch youtube at the same time, but the youtube video lags like my pc isn't strong enough to handle it. Task manager says that nothing is being overloaded or anything. I have a 2080 super, AMD 3600, 16 gb ram.

I will be playing a pc game on fullscreen mode, I will alt+tab out to play just 1 song on Youtube, then tab back into my game while the song is playing. Here is where the problem starts, when the video/song is over, it will drop my fps and lag my game like crazy, and i mean dropping my fps more than half. I have to tab back out and close the youtube tab to get my game back to normal...If anyone has any sort of idea what could be causing this, that would be great. Its just really strange to ...

Move on and check why the video they play on YouTube lags or stutters frequently? Case 1: YouTube 4K 60fps videos lag and stutter terribly . From time to time, your 720 60fps works fine, but switching to 1080 60fps or 4k UHD resolution on YouTube causes bad lagging and freezing, with very high CPU usage. This is because 4K video is computer ...

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