Will there be a grad bash 2021?

Jodie Nitzsche asked a question: Will there be a grad bash 2021?
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Magic Mountain announces the cancellation of their 2021 event, months after Disneyland did the same. “Six Flags Magic Mountain is looking forward to the day when the park can re-open safely and resume normal park operations as well as special celebrations including Grad Nite.” ...


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💻 Is universal having grad bash 2021?

Due to Covid restrictions, Universal is not offering Grad Bash to schools this year, but they are offering special dates and pricing for California graduating high school seniors, their families (or immediate household members) when you purchase tickets through the special link in the flier below and use your Damien- ...

💻 Is universal doing grad bash?

*PLEASE NOTE: After much thought, Universal Orlando Resort has decided to postpone this year's Grad Bash event and look forward to 2022… This package includes access to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, one meal and a complimentary Coke Freestyle commemorative cup.

💻 What happens at grad bash?

Event Details

Heart-pounding rides and attractions, such as the world-famous Studio Tour, Jurassic World – The Ride, and more! Special graduation-themed photo ops throughout the Park. Live musical performances and dance parties hosted by DJs.

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