Will renishaw ml10 work with xl80 software?

Damian Osinski asked a question: Will renishaw ml10 work with xl80 software?
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  • RotaryXL is the original software for use with the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator in combination with XL-80 or ML10 laser systems. Renishaw recommends the use of the CARTO software suite for 'on axis' rotary applications using XL-80.


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RotaryXL is the original software for use with the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator in combination with XL-80 or ML10 laser systems. Renishaw recommends the use of the CARTO software suite for 'on axis' rotary applications using XL-80. Note: for off axis data capture or any application using an ML10 laser with XR20-W rotary axis calibrator, RotaryXL ...

With the same beam height and optics dimensions as the ML10 system, the XL-80 laser measurement system can also still be placed directly on a granite table (without tripod stage) for co-ordinate measuring machine calibration. Reduced warm-up time. Renishaw has reduced the typical warm-up time for the laser to around 5 minutes.

Fast, accurate and extremely portable, it is no surprise the XL-80 system is the best selling calibration laser. Together with advanced software solutions and superior performance, the XL-80 can significantly improve your business performance. Renishaw has been designing, manufacturing and supplying laser systems for over 25 years.

Renishaw.com-Resource centre-ML10/XL-80 comparison ML10/XL-80 comparison (jpg) File size: 5 kB Language: Language Independent Dimensions: 180 x 149 px

Renishaw Laser10. Laser10 software works only with ML10 and EC10 products providing the capability for static and dynamic measurement of ... Laser10 software works only ... 7. NOTE: Laser XL software is only ... use with XL -80 laser ...

Renishaw has been designing, manufacturing andsupplying laser interferometer systems for over 20 years.Its ML10 laser system has become a globally recognised...

Renishaw.com-Resource centre-Software download: Laser 10 Software 10.06 Software download: Laser 10 Software 10.06 (zip) File size: 23.02 MB Language: English Part number: A-8003-3000

CARTO software suite (mp4) File size: 5.53 MB Language: English Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 px. Play. CARTO software suite. New suite of software for XL-80 data capture and analysis. Applications in the suite are linked by a database storage system for seamless use. [1920 x 1080] [5.5MB]

Users with active maintenance agreements can use the links on this page to access the latest software releases and support information, including frequently asked questions on the operation of Renishaw machine tool software packages.

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