Why youtube is getting pauses while watching movies?

Orie Friesen asked a question: Why youtube is getting pauses while watching movies?
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Why does YouTube keep pausing videos?

  • When you watch videos on YouTube, you may find YouTube keeps pausing. Why does YouTube keep pausing? The most likely reason is that the internet connection is not fast enough to meet the requirement for streaming the YouTube video at your selected quality.

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Songs, movies, live telecast, TV serials, educational videos, whatsoever, name it you have it on YouTube. Watching video without lag or interruption is what everyone of us want. Constant delay or break while watching something interesting spoils the whole experience.

I have an extension installed to stop youtube autoplaying the next video and now I had to install an extension to stop fucking youtibe from from not playing. and on top of that an adblocker of course to keep youtube from making the experience even more insufferable. 3 different programs/extensions just to get that fucking website to do what is supposed to do, which is to show me videos. this ...

stop notifcations from showing while watching full screen videos imeem… So I'm watching movies on Jriver media center in full screen and I get notifications from windows 10/cortana ... I don't know why, but ever since this afternoon, Windows decides to crash complete whenever I'm a few minutes or so in watching a YouTube video.

Video pauses while watching online. when i play a video from a news source or web site the video and will pause and few seconds later start again this repeats until video done is it my computer or some settins that are not correct.

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