Why you shouldn't answer questions on facebook?

Noe Jast asked a question: Why you shouldn't answer questions on facebook?
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You are giving out the answers to your security questions without realizing it." Hackers can use these questions to build a profile and hack into your accounts or open lines of credit, the department said. They could also trick you into clicking on malicious links.

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The specific concern— that people are trying to meme you, get you to answer questions, post a photo from 10 years ago and one today so software can learn how faces evolve— is ridiculous. Not because a computer couldn’t/wouldnt do that, but because they absolutely don’t need your meme data for that sort of thing.

Additionally, Facebook quizzes may lead you to a website with dangerous downloads, or have malicious links and possible viruses included in the questions.

The last sentence (emboldened) is the more reason as to why you need to resist the urge to participate in the said quizzes on Facebook.

A warning is spreading across Facebook that urges readers not to comment on posts asking for details such as your favourite teachers name or your first pet because this is a way “hackers” can obtain the answers to your security questions. A full version of the warning taken from 2018 can be seen below –. Please be aware of some of the posts you ...

“I typically advise people not to answer those questions. It’s not worth it,” says Tom Gorup, director of security operations for Rook Security to USA Today. He believes answering personal questions on Facebook may lead hackers to gain valuable information about users, which they can use to hack into their online accounts.

When you click on a quiz or any other plug-in or applet in your feed, you should see which information it's requesting from your profile, including who your friends are. Some apps let you edit this information on the spot. But even if you opt out of sharing certain information, you may still be giving up more than you intend.

Over a billion people use Facebook around the globe, which makes the platform an attractive place for those wishing to commit identity theft. Following a number of people falling victim to identity theft, the Sutton Police Department of Massachusetts issued a warning to Facebook users, asking them not to take part in quizzes or questionnaires unless they trusted the person or company behind it.

Facebook’s “Did You Know” feature launched a few months ago as a way for users to share more about themselves with family and friends, but you may want to think twice about answering the questions. Here are some examples of the questions that Facebook is prompting users to answer: My dream car is…. The football team I’m most loyal to ...

As ABC News reports, the seemingly harmless surveys that populate your feed could wind up providing unscrupulous hackers with the answers to your online security questions. Popular Facebook ...

Be Honest. No employee is free from weaknesses —that's simply impossible. So, if you respond by saying, "There's no reason not to hire me," it'll sound disingenuous. And, it'll also indicate to your interviewer that you're either immodest or not good at thinking on your feet. Neither of these is a good outcome.

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