Why subscribe to youtube tv?

Breanne Hirthe asked a question: Why subscribe to youtube tv?
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Team Clark Reviews the Live TV Streaming Service. For $65 per month, a YouTube TV subscription provides access to more than 85 popular broadcast and cable channels… You can stream content live or on demand from your television, phone, tablet or computer.

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YouTube has raised the price of YouTube TV once again with a subscription now costing $64.99 per month. While YouTube originally launched as a platform for anyone to post videos to, it has grown into an advertisement hub and a lucrative platform for content creators.

You’ll still be able to use YouTube TV until the 30-day trial expires, and you can always renew it later if you change your mind. That’s the beauty of no-contract cable replacement services.

YouTube TV is a paid membership that offers: Live TV from major broadcast networks; Unlimited DVR space; Popular cable & premium networks; YouTube TV also brings you shows from YouTube creators,...

Since its debut in February 2017, YouTube TV has become one of the most popular cable alternatives pretty much because it has a lot of what cable offers without being locked in for multi-year...

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