Why is youtube deleting my videos?

Nikko Fisher asked a question: Why is youtube deleting my videos?
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Video answer: Why is youtube deleting my old videos?

Why is youtube deleting my old videos?

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Here are the 3 reasons why a video will get removed from YouTube: The video violates the YouTube community guidelines. Another YouTube channel claimed the video was stolen from them and demanded it be taken down. The content creator of the video deleted the video or made the video private.


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💻 Is youtube deleting videos?

  • Go to your channel page, click on your icon on upper -right corner. Find “video manager”. As you click on that you’ll see all of your videos. Here you have to pick up the video youwant to delete. Select the video. At the top, you’ll see the “actions” button, click on that and then click on delete.

💻 Why is youtube deleting videos?

O, deleted about 5 million videos from its platform for content policy violations in last year's fourth quarter before any viewers saw them, it said in a new report that highlighted its response to pressure to better police its online community…

💻 Does deleting youtube videos affect channel?

When you delete your videos, they get permenently removed. The revenue you made from the videos will come but no further revenue can be created. All views and watch time associated with those videos will be lost. You will have no content on the channel for anyone to watch.

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Deleting my youtube videos! this is why?

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Why is youtube deleting comments?

YouTube is automatically deleting comments that contain certain Chinese-language phrases related to criticism of the country's ruling Communist Party (CCP). The company confirmed to The Verge this was happening in error and that it's working to fix the issue.

Does deleting youtube channel delete subscriptions?

In this video I show you how to remove subscriptions from your YouTube channel. Its very easy.Please enjoy.......... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy ...

Does deleting youtube history remove views?

No, the views are stored on your YouTube channel and cache and watch history is saved in your browser or YouTube app. So, if you delete the cache and watch history. It doesn't make any change in your video views.

Is youtube deleting bts butter views?

YouTube has deleted an additional 13 million views of BTS “Butter” MV making the total views lost amount to 25 million views. BTS “Butter” MV has broken many records set by “Dynamite” and has unofficially become the fastest MV on YouTube to surpass 100 million views doing so in roughly 21 hours.

Why does youtube keep deleting channels?

In 87.5% of the cases, the channels were terminated due to promoting scams, sending out spam, or posting misleading content. YouTube deletes a channel when it violates its community guidelines three times within 90 days. Also, a channel can be terminated because of a single severe case, such as predatory behavior.

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Why youtube is deleting videos Why is youtube deleting my replies?

In most cases, comments that it thinks may be spam will get hidden and end up in the uploader's "Comments" tab in YouTube Studio under "likely spam". They stay there until the uploader reviews them and either deletes them or approves them.

Why is youtube deleting weed channels?

The couple behind the deleted channel That High Couple told Leafly, “YouTube can't make ad revenue from cannabis content... They updated their algorithm to prevent 'unsuitable' content from getting ads delivered against their content, and the whole system has been crumbling ever since.”

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Why i am deleting my most viewed videos on youtube What does deleting your youtube channel do?

Delete your channel permanently

Closing your YouTube channel will permanently delete your content, including videos, comments, messages, playlists, and history. Why is youtube deleting the dislike button?

YouTube is currently testing the removal of public dislike counts in response to creator feedback… The test is in response to creator feedback that the public dislike counts affect their wellbeing and may incite “a targeted campaign of dislikes” on a video, according to YouTube.

Why is youtube deleting views from bts?

The reason youtube keeps deleting BTS views is that many of the views are fake. Whenever BTS releases a video the fans will view it for 20 secs or so and then reload the page to give it a view. Thousands of BTS fans do this to try to get the video to break youtube views in 24-hour records.

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Why does youtube keep deleting my videos (read desc) Will deleting google plus delete youtube account?

Delete YouTube channel:

Deleting your YouTube channel won't delete your associated Google account. You will then have to re-verify your login information.

Will deleting youtube video resolve copyright claim?

If your video has a copyright claim, there may be restrictions on where the video is available or whether it can be monetized. If the claim is for audio in the video, you have a few options to remove these restrictions: Trim out the part of the video with a copyright claim; Replace the song with audio from our Audio Library; Mute the song

Will deleting youtube video resolve copyright strike?

Copyright strikes may affect your ability to monetize. In addition, if your active live stream is removed for copyright, your access to live streaming will be restricted for 7 days. If you get 3...

Can i remake a youtube channel after deleting?

You can permanently delete your YouTube channel through your account settings menu, using any web browser… Once a YouTube channel is deleted, it can't be recovered, but a hidden channel can always be made public again.

Does deleting a youtube video hurt your channel?

If you remove one video, all the views associated with it will be lost as AND the watchtime associated with it will be removed from the total channel count. Thus it will set you back in terms of views and watchtime of the channel especially if you are looking for monetisation.

Does deleting old youtube video hurt your account?

Directly, no. Indirectly, you lose credit for the views, engagement, and minutes watched from the deleted video(s). If you have subscribers and continue to push the same video out to their subscriber feed, then you will undoubtedly upset them and lose subscribers ... which will in turn hurt your channel.

Will deleting my youtube channel delete my account?

Note: These steps will only delete your YouTube channel, not your Google Account you use to sign in with… After you delete a channel, the channel URL and channel name will no longer be visible or searchable in YouTube Analytics.

Would deleting your youtube channel delete my comments?

Hiding your channel does not affect anything you do with your Google account on other platforms. But when you go through this process, there is an unexpected upside. All the comments you have ever made get deleted. Unlike the other changes, this deletion is permanent.

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Why i am deleting my youtube videos😣🥺😭 Are people deleting facebook?
  • Hurt Ego&Revenge : This one personally happened to me…
  • Jealousy: Sometimes jealousy becomes too intense that a person won't be able to see your posts anymore…
  • Was too weak to confront you: Sometimes a person gets emotionally charged because of one of your posts yet fail to find enough courage to confront you…
Is facebook deleting accounts?
  • 1) Open the Facebook app on your phone and go to Settings & Privacy > Settings. 2) Type deactivate on the search bar and tap on the search button. 3) You will get the "Account ownership and Control" option, just tap on it. 4) Tap on Deactivation and Deletion > Choose Delete Account to permanently delete the account…
Can i delete my youtube account without deleting gmail?

Method 1 of 2:

The only way to delete your YouTube account is to delete the Google+ profile associated with it. Deleting your Google+ account will not affect other Google products such as Gmail or Drive. Your emails and stored files will not be deleted.

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