Why is the world map upside down?

Aaron Ruecker asked a question: Why is the world map upside down?
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Why i have the world map upside down

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Some people find navigating easier if they rotate maps so that up is in the direction that they are facing. There is a small tradition of printing road maps upside down to make this more convenient… It goes on to explain why the direction of clockwise is bias - because in the north sundial shadows move that way.


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💻 Is the real world map upside down?

The simple answer to the question was this: It isn't upside-down at all. In a flip of convention, my giant, framed world map displays the southern hemisphere — Australia included — at the top. It's a twist, but not strictly speaking a distortion.

💻 Was the world map turned upside down?

The simple answer to the question was this: It isn't upside-down at all. In a flip of convention, my giant, framed world map displays the southern hemisphere — Australia included — at the top. It's a twist, but not strictly speaking a distortion.

💻 Is the map really upside down?

The simple answer to the question was this: It isn't upside-down at all. In a flip of convention, my giant, framed world map displays the southern hemisphere — Australia included — at the top. It's a twist, but not strictly speaking a distortion.

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Original maps has the world is upside down

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Why do we think that the TOP of the earth is the north pole and the bottom of the earth is the south pole? Clearly, using clockwise logic, the top of the earth is the SOUTH pole. It’s obvious to any student of history that the reason north is the top is because maps were invented by sailors and cartographers who lived in the northern hemisphere.

In the 15th century, Europeans emerged as the Map making position, and they followed the compass pattern by posing themselves at the top, and thus, Mercator’s Map became prominent. The Real World Map Upside Down became a recent research point asking why the North is at the top, especially in the United States; people started asking why not South is at the top.

If there was any doubt about this move’s religious significance, they illuminated it with their maps’ pious illustrations, whether of Adam and Eve or Christ enthroned. In the same period, Arab map...

The south up world map reminds us that a large part of how we view the map and by extension the world is unconscious and automatic. By looking at an upside-down world map the machinery of the mind is revealed. On these unconscious foundations stand all our prejudices about the world and the people, plants, and animals that inhabit it.

The good news is that in Meier’s experiments the relationship between ‘north’ and ‘good’ was eliminated by one simple thing – turning the map upside down. So perhaps the world might ...

While creating the traditional maps years ago, people usually followed the Europeans’ perspectives – The Real World Map Upside Down wherein the northern hemisphere is towards the top, and the southern hemisphere is towards the bottom. It was done basically for the people to depict the world from the southern perspective.

The way we display world maps is steeped in the politics of tradition, nationalism, religion, race relations and a possible fixation with the northern hemisphere. (Pexels: Andrea Piacquadio)

Researchers posit the observed association between map-position and goodness/badness (north=good; south=bad) is caused by the combination of (i) the convention of consistently placing north at the top of maps, and (ii) a much more general association between vertical position and goodness/badness (up=good, down=bad), which has been documented in numerous contexts (e.g., power/status, profits/prices, affect/emotion, and even the divine).

There’s a reason why the Northern Hemisphere is associated with wealth and significance — it’s because it’s literally on top, permanently etched into our subconsciousness as superior from our earliest encounters with learning. But there is another map.

Speaking for New Zealand, though, an upside-down map would be odd just because everyone else would be using one oriented the other way. Even the ones printed as a demonstration look really weird and are described, as you see, as ‘upside down’:

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