Why is my address wrong on google maps?

Alvah Casper asked a question: Why is my address wrong on google maps?
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Report the problem to Google.

First, read the instructions on Google's Report a problem or fix the map page. Then, go to the incorrect listing, click “more” and choose “Move marker.” This will prompt you to pick up the pin and move it to the correct location.

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1. Enter the address in the search bar. 2. Swipe up the address information that appears at the bottom of your screen - you might have to move the screen up a few times, until you see "Report a problem". 3. Click on "Report a problem" and fill out the details on the screen and move the marker on the Map to the correct location, if necessary.

I just checked the system again and now the my address (43-06 210th Street Bayside NY 11361) is pointing to 47-06 210th Street Queens NY 11361 Again this still keeps google maps useless for me to get directions to ...

When I select the home button in google maps, it takes me to the wrong address which is across from my house. But if i go to my saved places with the home label, that address is correct. How do I correct the address for the home ...

Help my address is wrong in Google Maps and I can't fix it! In my subdivision there are ** homes (I believe) that are listed with the wrong city name when you click on them. Also when someone goes to type in my address it autofils it with the wrong city name as well. Pull up Maps and check it out for yourself. I have tried sending Google Maps feedback numerous times, but there really isn't a ...

So, if Google Maps shows a street running through your house, or your street is not on the map, or is spelled wrong, etc., go to Google Maps, navigate to the position in question, and then click the Report a Problem link at the bottom right of your screen.

The primary reason for Google Maps giving wrong location details is due to bad or no internet connection. If the internet on your android phone is active and running you will be able to get the exact location details. To check whether you have an active internet connection or not, follow the below steps:

It used to be quite easy to make instant changes on Google Maps, but this created problems where people were sabotaging businesses on Google Maps by listing them under fake addresses, saying they were closed, changing business’s names so they couldn’t be found… you get the picture.

Google Maps is so accurate so much of the time, and we are so reliant on its omniscience, that it seemed inconceivable it could be totally, utterly wrong. People nodded and smiled at me — and ...

Google maps has my correct street address but the wrong city 30 miles north of me, as do more than 50 other addresses on my street and the next street over. It appears Google Maps Send Feedback no longer has the options

You might have issues with your device that cause you to have wrong locations all the time. Some devices are slower than others and they use poor quality chips inside which makes tasks like location calculations slow or inaccurate. Google (Maps) is a software (Application).

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