Why does youtube on tv keep signing me out?

Torrey Ward asked a question: Why does youtube on tv keep signing me out?
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Date created: Sun, Jun 27, 2021 7:06 AM
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YouTube keeps logging me out always happens when there is something wrong with your web browser settings. So, the first thing you can do is to clear view history, caches and cookies for your web browser… Scroll down to the Privacy and security section and then click Clear browsing data.

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Youtube TV keeps signing out randomly I used to watch my Youtube subscription on my LG Smart TV, which basically uses the YoutubeTV app as far as i can tell. Since beginning of this year, it randomly signs me out with the message that it has problems connecting to my account, and that i should connect another account.

Even the title says "YouTube now signs me out constantly after 6.1". It even signs me out while I am watching videos and wont even stay signed in for more than an hour tops, and sometimes only minutes it seems. This doesn't happen on any of my Rokus, or the two Nexus Players, or my Bluray players, or the HTPC, or any of the four PC's. Only on the SHIELD TV with SW 6.1.

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