Why does postgres require redis?

Kip Price asked a question: Why does postgres require redis?
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If PostgreSQL is the truth, then Redis is the speed. You probably know Redis already as an in-memory key-value store. Perhaps you've used it to store session data and similar ephemeral data. As it's primarily in-memory, Redis is ideal for that type of data where speed of access is the most important thing.


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💻 Is redis faster than postgres?

Redis is a key-value storage system that operates in RAM memory, it's like a "light database" and since it works at RAM memory level it's orders of magnitude faster compared to reading/writing to PostgreSQL or any other traditional Relational Database.

💻 Why use redis over postgres?

Instead of overloading PostgreSQL with too many insert queries from different clients, Redis insert buffer allows both extremely fast inserts into an in-memory data store and it handles merging redundant records, too.

💻 Why use redis with postgres?

Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value store… "Relational database", "High availability " and "Enterprise class database" are the key factors why developers consider PostgreSQL; whereas "Performance", "Super fast" and "Ease of use " are the primary reasons why Redis is favored.

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What protocol does redis use?

Redis clients communicate with the Redis server using a protocol called RESP (REdis Serialization Protocol). While the protocol was designed specifically for Redis, it can be used for other client-server software projects. RESP is a compromise between the following things: Simple to implement.

How does odoo connect to a local postgres database?
  • Out of the box, Odoo connects to a local postgres over UNIX socket via port 5432. This can be overridden using the database options when your Postgres deployment is not local and/or does not use the installation defaults. The packaged installers will automatically create a new user (odoo) and set it as the database user.
How dump all postgres databases?

pg_dumpall is a utility for writing out ("dumping") all PostgreSQL databases of a cluster into one script file. The script file contains SQL commands that can be used as input to psql to restore the databases. It does this by calling pg_dump for each database in a cluster.

How to restart postgres database?
  • The following steps restart the PostgreSQL server: In the Azure portal, select your Azure Database for PostgreSQL server. In the toolbar of the server's Overview page, click Restart. Click Yes to confirm restarting the server. Observe that the server status changes to "Restarting". Confirm server restart is successful.
How to vacuum postgres database?
  • The VACUUM statement is used to reclaim storage by removing obsolete data or tuples from the PostgreSQL database. The syntax for the VACUUM statement in PostgreSQL is: Optional. If specified, the database writes the full contents of the table into a new file.
Is postgres faster than mongodb?

The Postgres database management system (DBMS) measured between 4 and 15 times faster than MongoDB in transaction performance testing conducted by OnGres, a company specializing in providing database software and services and sponsored by EnterpriseDB.

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Does redis follow pub sub pattern?

The Redis Pub/Sub implementation supports pattern matching. Clients may subscribe to glob-style patterns in order to receive all the messages sent to channel names matching a given pattern.

What port does redis run on?

By default, the Redis server runs on TCP Port 6379.

What is my postgres database name?
  1. Use \l or \l+ in psql to show all databases in the current PostgreSQL server.
  2. Use the SELECT statement to query data from the pg_database to get all databases.
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