Why do people comment with one letter on youtube?

Hildegard Hill asked a question: Why do people comment with one letter on youtube?
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If you're on mobile YouTube and you try and tap on a comment to see replies, it will sometimes open up the reply section. Of course you don't want to reply to something, but when you exit sometimes, it says "Reply added". Then you see that you just posted a one letter comment, even though you didn't type anything.


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💻 Why do people comment timestamps on youtube?

Why you need YouTube timestamps? There are many use cases, but basically it saves so much time… If there is a cool funny moment in the video usually viewers will leave a timestamp in the comments - so everyone else can jump there.

💻 Why do people still comment first on youtube?

Originally Answered: Why do people comment "first" on YouTube videos? Because some youtubers have quite a large fan base and they receive a lot of comments. Being “first” is special to them because they were very early to the video and they were there before any other commenters.

💻 Why dont people comment on old youtube videos?

Some time ago, YouTube, in a baffling move, has decided to disable comments on every automatically generated Artist Track. This means that if that particular song has no music video attached, discussion about the song is made impossible on this platform.

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From the left menu, select Comments. Choose the tab you’d like to review: Published: Comments that everyone can see. Held for review: Comments that are held for review based on your settings and comments that are automatically held by YouTube as likely spam. You can use the filter bar at the top of each tab to filter the comments you see.

61 votes, 30 comments. A lot of times, I see a comment in response to another one with just the letter "W", then there is a comment below it with "L".

“F” stands for failure, f***, foolish, fatal, etc. So, we can say that people use only in a negative sense. People are abbreviating words to a single letter and that to be used only for negative comments. If you see comments involving “F” word in platforms including social media, then please ignore those comments if you feel uncomfortable.

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Why do people comment on my facebook posts?
  • Facebook has a tendency to prioritize posts with higher engagement in its users' feeds. This means that if a post in a group or a post made by a friend imparts important information or is attempting to raise awareness for something, sometimes people will comment "bump" on the post to increase its engagement — or "bump" it up in other users' feeds.
Are youtube comment likes anonymous?

1 Answer. Likes are always private and anonymous. That said, the channel owner always can see the country of origin for likes and dislikes on videos. That information is not available for likes and dislikes on comments though.

How many words youtube comment?

3. The character limit has disappeared! YouTube used to restrict your comments to 500 characters or less but the limit has been lifted and you can now make a comment as long you like.

Your most liked youtube comment?

The most liked comment now on YouTube is the BALD GUY comment in Billie Eilish's bad guy song in YouTube. This comment has over 3 Million likes and 500 replies!

How many letter youtube title?

When titling your video on YouTube, you have 100 characters to accurately label your video and entice people to watch it. However, when your title appears as a result of a Google Search, it will only show about 70 characters of your title.

Do people get notified when you edit facebook comment?

Notifications are not sent if a comment is edited. What happens is, there will be an option for people to view the previous version of the comment. There is usually an option to view the original comment, somewhere at the side of the edited version.

How do i see what people comment on facebook?
  • If you remember a specific user by name, you could type in “ comments made by ” in the Facebook search bar. You can narrow down the search results using the filters on the left. However, this appears to yield more information about people in your friend list or fellow group members.
Can employers see my youtube comment?

No, they do not have access to your files. Type your gmail address into Google and see what comes up, as that's what they'd see if they checked. And no, they can't see the name of the directory you uploaded from.

Can i edit a youtube comment?

Click or tap the video link. Next to the comment in YouTube, select More . Select Edit or Delete .

Can someone track your youtube comment?

Location can't be found directly through your comment. If any person really want to get your location, he/she will go to your gmail id and will get your details. But this is not possible if you have applied privacy on your gmail account.

Can t comment on youtube 2019?

Go to 'View additional features' Click on the Youtube logo in the top left corner and this will take you to the home page in Youtube's original format. Search for a video manually in the search bar, click on the video (do not open the video in a new tab) and you should be able to comment.

Can t comment on youtube mobile?

Make sure you are signed in before trying to comment posted or otherwise the original video poster may have disabled comments on their video on which case you will not be able to comment on it. The comments may be disabled for that video/s. The creator of the video decides that. .

Can you bold a youtube comment?

To format your comment as bold on YouTube, you need to type an asterisk (some call it a star), i.e., * on both sides of the text. Make sure that you type it on both sides of the full comment or the portion of comment which you want to make bolder.

Can you cite a youtube comment?

As with citing a blog comment, cite the date that the YouTube comment was posted, not the date that the video was uploaded… With such imprecision, there's no sense in citing a day or a month, as you would do when citing a blog comment, so just cite the publication year.

Can you comment on youtube videos?

It's easy to comment on a YouTube video or reply to a comment left by another viewer. You can add comments on your computer or in the YouTube app on your mobile device. Before you leave a comment, you'll need to log in to YouTube and create a personal channel, if you don't already have one.

Can you unfollow a youtube comment?

Click on the bell icon, then click on the comment you want to unfollow. On that comment, there will be a three-dot-menu in the top right. Click that, and select 'Mute'.

Can your comment be blacklisted youtube?

Today, YouTube announced a significant new beta feature: Creators see and can reject inappropriate comments before they appear publicly, based on the language in the posts. You can choose words or phrases you want blacklisted, and those will be held for review by you or a moderator you've delegated.

Can youtube fix its comment section?

Share All sharing options for: Can YouTube fix its comment section? YouTube's comment section is one of the internet's most infamous cesspools, much to the company's chagrin… Questions are now swirling around whether YouTube is responsible for the comments left on its platform. The answer seems to be no.

Can youtube moderate their comment section?

Why Should You Moderate Comments On YouTube? Comment moderation is a must if you have a video content marketing strategy on YouTube. Running ads and driving traffic to your content is going to be useless if your comment section is filled with bad reviews and unmanaged spam. Take a look at the example below.

Can't allow youtube comment from spam?

Sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left menu, select Comments. Choose the Held for review tab....From the Held for review tab, you can choose to:

  1. Approve comments.
  2. Remove comments.
  3. Report comments for spam or abuse.
  4. Hide users from your channel.
Did youtube delete the comment section?

YouTube will no longer allow the majority of channels featuring kids to include comment sections following a controversy over predatory comments being posted on videos of children. YouTube will temporarily remove comments from videos that feature minors in the coming months.