Why back to back ads on youtube?

Brock Franecki asked a question: Why back to back ads on youtube?
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Back-to-back ads

This kind of ad format only displays on longer form video content (at least 5 minutes in length) on the platforms mentioned in the table above. Ad pods help reduce interruptions for viewers of longer videos, resulting in a better viewer experience.

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Back-to-back ads Also referred to as ad pods, two back-to-back video ads can occur when you turn on skippable or non-skippable ads on your video. This kind of ad format only displays on longer form...

Major brands including Verizon and Walmart pulled their ads after they were found to be appearing next to videos promoting extremist views or hate speech Advertisement US edition

The video discovery ads, as the name suggests, are those ads that you use to help people discover your videos, mainly display and overlay ads. In simple terms, you pay for a TrueView in-stream ad when somebody watches at least 30 seconds of your ad (unless it is shorter).

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