Why are tiers of maps lower in poe ritual?

Jeramie VonRueden asked a question: Why are tiers of maps lower in poe ritual?
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  • This is because the lesser maps you have completed, the lower the drop rate of +1 tier maps. You don’t want to run higher tier maps with low drop rates of +1 maps as this will block your atlas progression!


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Rituals are a map event where several Ritual Altars appear, introduced in the Ritual league. Ritual Altars can appear within the Acts and within Maps. After activating the ritual altar, players must defeat the enemies enclosed within the Ritual Circle, gaining Tribute in the process.

None of us have seen an exalted orb from Ritual in 200+ T14-16 maps (with mostly completed atlases and character level 95+). This seems odd because during low tier maps, there was a point where I even had two exalted orbs deferred at the same time. They were fairly common at one point.

If they have 0.01% chance to drop (or whatever) they should keep that 0.01%. But in the same time there should be possibility to get lower tier maps, on the same run, from the same map and without any watchstone replacements. And definitely there should be low-tier map drops while you are running low-tier maps (and again, wihout watchstone juggling).

The Atlas is a series of linked maps that players can progress through after completing a quest for Officer Kirac. It is explored and discovered by running maps within the Map Device at a player’s hideout. These tier 1 maps start dropping on Act 8.

The reason is that you need the higher tier maps to sustain the lower tiers. You cannot sustain T8, if you do not run T9/T10/T11 maps. You can sustain T8+, but not T8 alone. That is a fact that has to, eventually, be recognised. I was not fully aware of that, but this shows it clearly.

This is because the lesser maps you have completed, the lower the drop rate of +1 tier maps. You don’t want to run higher tier maps with low drop rates of +1 maps as this will block your atlas progression! Hence it is better to farm lower level maps for a bit, complete the lower tier maps on the atlas to increase the drop rate of +1 tier maps first.

Atlas and Map Changes 3.15. Map tiers and locations have been shuffled (though the 'pin' locations for maps have not changed). Most maps are now initially found at a different tier. The "Area is inhabited by Abominations" modifier can no longer be rolled on Maven’s Invitations (as it didn't actually do anything). 4.

All maps are organized by region. First column is 0 watchstones, then 1 stone, etc... The last column is the awakening level needed for the bonus. The natural tier for each map is the lowest available one, so this is always the first number after each map. Sorted by low tier. Alphabetically.

A Ritual Altar will appear throughout the campaign and into Maps. The amount of Rituals that will appear in each instance will vary from one to four. They will be inactive until enough enemies are killed within the radius of the altar to activate it, and will gradually light up per enemy killed until fully activated. The first ritual altar on a map will re-summon the enemies killed within the ...

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