Why albertsstuff made a new youtube?

Noah Rolfson asked a question: Why albertsstuff made a new youtube?
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Video answer: The fall of roblox youtube: albertsstuff

The fall of roblox youtube: albertsstuff

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Albert originally became known for his discontinued channel, AlbertsStuff, which was created on July 19, 2012. Though, he decided to switch to the Flamingo channel due to him not getting ad revenue due to the profanity in his videos on the AlbertsStuff channel.


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The history of flamingo / albertsstuff

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AlbertsStuff - YouTube. Home of the scariest apocalypse rising moment. Home of the scariest apocalypse rising moment.

These are all from observation.Albert's two channels are AlbertsStuff and FlamingoJake's channel is Jayingee... In no way am I trying to diss anybody right now.

Albert created a second channel, Flamingo, on July 9th, 2017, and uploaded kid-friendly videos on there due to the time on YouTube (called the Adpocalypse) where people who said curse words on their videos couldn't get any ad revenue.

Albert Spencer Aretz, better known as Flamingo online, is an American gaming YouTuber most known for his Roblox content. The 23-year-old has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube and 788,000 on Instagram. On Roblox, he is known as MrFlimFlam. Flamingo is being ‘cancelled’ after allegedly making racist jokes.

On August 18th, 2020, Albert made a tweet explaining that he was gonna private every video except one on the AlbertsStuff channel due to the insensitive things he had said pre-2018. This was done in response to people being "offended" over things he said years ago. This marks the end of an era for YouTube, Roblox, and for the Flamingo community.

Since Albert left youtube around the Adpocalypse, we could assume that he left because Youtube changed it’s Algorithms which made more “Un-PG users” demonetized and payouts to them was sadly limited, even Pewdiepie was hit. This also made albert demonetized so he couldn’t make any videos. He switched to Flamingo to get revenue.

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Video answer: Why did albertsstuff move to the flamingo channel?

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