Who is the designer of the yacht bash?

Frieda Dach asked a question: Who is the designer of the yacht bash?
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Inside a russian billionaire's $300 million yacht

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  • BASH is a 56m (183.7ft) yacht delivered by Benetti in 2012 to striking exteriors designed by the gifted Stefano Natucci, opulent, classically-styled interiors by Francois Zuretti's Paris studio and naval architecture by Benetti's in-house experts. She has been rigorously maintained and upgraded with her last significant systems overhaul in 2015.


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💻 Who is bash yacht?

BASH is a 184-foot (56m) fully custom luxury motor yacht, launched in 2012 by Benetti. Steel-hulled with an aluminum superstructure, her exterior design is by Stefano Natucci with naval architecture and interior design by Benetti. BASH's sophisticated black hull and timeless looks turn heads wherever she goes.

💻 Who owns the yacht bash?

  • The 56 metre Benetti motor yacht Bash, jointly listed for sale by Burgess with Seawood Yachts, has been sold with no other brokers involved. Built in steel and aluminium by Italian yard Benetti to a design by Stefano Natucci, Bash was delivered in 2012 and has been impeccably maintained ever since, including a refit in 2015.

💻 Is the yacht bash on the market for sale?

  • The yacht Bash, for sale, has been extremely popular in the charter market, with repeat clients year after year.

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