Which reporting tool should i use with mongodb?

Felton Jerde asked a question: Which reporting tool should i use with mongodb?
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Python mongodb tutorial | mongodb with python using pymongo | python and mongodb | edureka

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  • WideStage is an open source, a self-service reporting tool for MongoDB that allows you to query data using business terms instead of SQL or complex query languages. Its semantic layer is the biggest advantage that it offers, making it a preferable reporting tool for many enterprises.


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💻 Which is the best tool to configure mongodb?

  • Ansible is an open-source configuration management tool, belonging to Red Hat. It is a tool for configuring Unix-like and Windows systems by describing them in yaml files. Ansible is very helpful to automate repetitive system administration tasks. In our project, we’ll use it to automate the installation and configure MongoDB on every node.

💻 Should you use mongodb?

  • You can use MongoDB as a back-end for archiving whole records for MySQL. You can use MongoDB to store things that require zero transactions and the MySQL store for the transactional elements. A session key would be better in mongo, for example, with a TTL index.

💻 Which is the best way to interact with mongodb?

  • The Mongo Express interface provides a convenient way to interact with the MongoDB database. The Mongo Express interface also provides an overview status of the MongoDB server instance, providing a simple monitoring functionality. That concludes this tutorial. MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database today and with good reason.

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What is mongodb | mongodb tutorial for beginners | learn mongodb | edureka

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How should i store data in mongodb?
  • In MongoDB, data is stored as documents. These documents are stored in MongoDB in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. JSON documents support embedded fields, so related data and lists of data can be stored with the document instead of an external table.
Should i be using mysql or mongodb?
  • MongoDB is an ideal choice if you have unstructured and/or structured data with the potential for rapid growth while MYSQL is a great choice if you have structured data and need a traditional relational database.
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  • Developers report that MySQL is comparatively slower to MongoDB when it comes to handling big-sized databases. It is not able to adjust with bigger and large sets of unstructured data. There is no benchmark, and only your requirements, your data capacity, and infrastructure needs can tell you what database you need.
Should i store image file in mongodb?
  • Yes you can store image or any sort of files. But best practice is something you need to explore by developing some POC. I can tell you, I save text, hex files in MongoDB . And the saving happens very smoothly.

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  • MongoDB is a popular and flexible document based, NoSQL database, compared to MySQL's relational database system. Angular helps build progressive and modern web apps. This stack has some derivatives too: Using JavaScript as the primary programming language is a huge advantage.
Which is the latest version of mongodb?
  • Then add the following content to the empty file. This will install version 4.4 of MongoDB (the latest version at the time of this writing): Note: You can check whether there’s a newer version of MongoDB available by consulting the database’s official documentation.

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