Which is the correct notation for arithmetic in bash?

Eugene Braun asked a question: Which is the correct notation for arithmetic in bash?
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  • The $ ((...)) notation is what is called the Arithmetic Expansion while the ((...)) notation is called a compound command used to evaluate an arithmetic expression in Bash. The Arithmetic Expansion notation should be the preferred way unless doing an arithmetic evaluation in a Bash if statement, in a Bash for loop, or similar statements.


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💻 How to do arithmetic expansion in bash shell?

  • Arithmetic Expansion in Bash Shell. Arithmetic expansion and evaluation is done by placing an integer expression using the following format: $((expression)) $(( n1+n2 )) $(( n1/n2 )) $(( n1-n2 )) Add two numbers on fly using the echo command: echo $(( 10 + 5 )) Add two numbers using x and y variable.

💻 How to test if statement arithmetic in bash?

  • The ( ( )) operator evaluates expressions as C arithmetic, and has a boolean return. Hence, ( ( 0 )) is false, and ( ( 1 )) is true. [1] The $ ( ( )) operator also expands C arithmetic expressions, but instead of returning true/false, it returns the value instead. Because of this you can test the output if $ ( ( )) in this fashion: [2]

💻 Which is the correct path to start a bash script?

  • Open the file in your text editor of choice and type the following. hello-world. #!/bin/bash. A bash script must always begin with #!/bin/bash to signify that the script should run with bash as opposed to any other shell.

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Which bash file should have aliases?

Aliases allow you to define new commands by substituting a string for the first token of a simple command. They are typically placed in the ~/. bashrc (bash) or ~/. tcshrc (tcsh) startup files so that they are available to interactive subshells.

Which bash version do i have?

To find my bash version, run any one of the following command: Get the version of bash I am running, type: echo "${BASH_VERSION}" Check my bash version on Linux by running: bash --version. To display bash shell version press Ctrl + x Ctrl + v.

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bash_profile will be used when you log in via ssh or in a virtual console (ctrl+alt+f1-f6). When you log in graphically, there's no bash involved, so no . bash_profile is read, however, the graphical login process will run sh and have sh source . profile specifically, before execing the session (e.g. gnome-session).

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To be franker, bash is a general-purpose language just like Python, but both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Bash shell programming is the default terminal in most Linux distributions, and thus it will always be faster in terms of performance… Shell Scripting is simple, and it's not as powerful as python.

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A non-quoted backslash, \, is used as an escape character in Bash. It preserves the literal value of the next character that follows, with the exception of newline.

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Powershell is a Windows-native shell program (runs only on Windows) that is much more powerful than bash (the actual shell in Git Bash) but a bit harder to learn and use because it is more sophisticated.

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  • Shell or bash scripting is only preferable if you are interested in system administration work. And it is extremely powerful in this field. Now on another side, if you know both Python and bash script. It will be honey over the bread.

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