Which is not a rdbms software?

Isom Streich asked a question: Which is not a rdbms software?
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Why you should not be using an rdbms for time-stamped .

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Examples of non-relational databases include Apache HBase, IBM Domino, and Oracle NoSQL Database. These type of databases are managed by other DMBS programs that support NoSQL, which do not fall into the RDBMS category.


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💻 Which of the following are rdbms software?

Some examples of specific systems that use RDBMS include IBM, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQLServer and PostgreSQL.

💻 Which of the following is not a rdbms software?

Database 2000 is not a DBMS software. Explanation: dBase is considered to be the 1st DBMS software for all types of micro computer systems. FOXPRO is considered to be the procedure based programming language and also a

💻 Which of the following is not a rdbms software a ms excel b db2 c ms access d oracle?

MS Excel is not a DBMS... rather MS Excel is a spreadsheet software while all others are DBMS.

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Unit 3 - rdbms | class 10 information technology it

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