Where to find when google maps is updated?

Demetrius Weissnat asked a question: Where to find when google maps is updated?
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You can't find out when a map was last updated on Google Maps. However, you can find this data by downloading Google Earth and searching for the location in that program. If you go to the bottom of the satellite map, you see a date stamp marking the last update.

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Many people have wondered how often Google Maps updates and how to find out when it’s going to update next for a given spot. This article discusses how Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google ...

Well, you can find the dates easily both in Google Maps and Google Earth. Find the capture date of Satellite Images. If you wish to know the date when satellites captured those aerial images that you see in Google Maps, you will have to use Google Earth for that.

Google Maps is the web mapping service that has been introduced by Google Company. This application provides imagery clicked from satellite, street maps to find the location, 360° panoramic views of lands and path, real-time traffic conditions, along with the route planning for traveling by vehicle as well as by foot.

Because of the nature of Google Maps, it tends to update much more often than Google’s Street View. If you’re unsure of a Street View image you’re seeing, check Google Maps’ directions.

Free, browsable data. If you are just curious about seeing the most recent high-resolution image you can find for a given area of interest, and you don’t care about getting access to the raw images or using what you see for some commercial purpose, far-and-away the best tool you can use is Google Earth’s Explore New Satellite Imagery Tool.

Anyone who uses Google Maps can let us know about data issues via the Send Feedback (desktop Maps) and Suggest an Edit (place profiles on Maps and Search) tools. For Google Maps Platform customers using one of our industry solutions (like gaming), the product includes an API for reporting bad points, enabling our game studio partners to report issues to us so we can take action accordingly.

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People rely on Google Maps and Google Maps Platform to not just get from point A to B, but to run businesses, to order food, to hail a cab, or to even provide SOS alerts during emergencies. With so many critical applications depending on Google Maps for accuracy and seamlessness, wondering how frequently does Google update its Maps data is quite reasonable.

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