Where is the youtube disscustion tab?

Charles Pfannerstill asked a question: Where is the youtube disscustion tab?
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How to get the discussion tab on YouTube studio?

  • Setup Discussion Tab 1 Login to the correct account and go to the YouTube Studio 2 Towards the bottom left of the screen, click the Settings button 3 On the new popup box, select the Community tab 4 Now select the Default tab and you will see the available settings to enable or disable the discussion tab More items...

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You can turn comments on the discussion tab on and off.You can find more infor... This video shows you how to enable the discussion tab on your YouTube channel.

To show or hide the discussion tab in the new YouTube studio follow this quick and simple guide. It takes you through the basics of hiding, or activating the...

Feb 9, 2014. #5. Since Youtube changed channel comments to 'Discussions' it ironically killed any discussion I had on my channel. Its a lot easier to reply to people now, but as the discussions are nolonger on the main page it seems users just dont want to do the extra clicks to message me.

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