When was justin bieber found on youtube?

Shayna Borer asked a question: When was justin bieber found on youtube?
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Video answer: *breaking news* justin bieber found dead

*breaking news* justin bieber found dead

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He was discovered on YouTube by manager Scooter Braun, a former So So Def marketing executive, after Bieber began posting homemade videos from his 2007 second-place contestant stint on a local singing competition.


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💻 What was justin bieber first youtube channel?


Kidrauhl is Justin Bieber's original YouTube channel. This was the YouTube channel he posted videos before he was famous and is still used today. He came up with this name because his father called himself 'lordrauhl'.

💻 Did justin bieber use youtube to build career?

From a baby Bieber to an anonymous Weeknd. YouTube is nothing new, but it has impacted our generation so much that even some of the biggest stars owe their careers to it. Whether you’re dropping ...

💻 How much does justin bieber make off youtube?

She is followed by Eminem and Justin Bieber, who both bring in $2700 per day (close to $1 million per year each).

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Justin bieber's backlash when he found out selena gomez was dating chris evans

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Chad Hurley registers the trademark, logo, and domain of YouTube on Valentine's Day 2005 Before Feb. 14, 2005, very few people had ever even heard the name "YouTube." It was founded by former...

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Series videos

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Season 1
"YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind"December 6, 2018216.15
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Members30 million (as of January 5, 2021)
ParentGoogle (through YouTube LLC)
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