What should i do if my facebook messenger is slow?

Cortez Harris asked a question: What should i do if my facebook messenger is slow?
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  • See below how to quickly and easily fix the sometimes sluggish behavior of the app. In order to use Facebook Messenger as a real time live chat tool (including calling), what you need to do is fix the way your phone or computer uses the spotty Internet connections you may be connected to.

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In my case clearing the phones RAM memory makes the messenger load up quickly again. For Samsung Galaxy: Clean memory 1. From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray. 2. Tap Settings > Device care > Memory > CLEAN NOW. 3.

Check if your internet connection is slow …. Your network connection may be the problem. Try: Switching to your 5GHz network, if your router supports it. Do a speed test — If your network speed is less than 2 Mbps, you may need to find another connection. You may need to switch to Facebook Mobile or Facebook Lite.

That is simple: reinstall the plugin. Go to the Adobe web site and download the latest version. Uninstall Flash from your computer and install the version you just downloaded. If Facebook stays slow, I have to remind you that 90% of PC and internet problems are caused by a lack of Computer maintenance. [doctor title=’Download Pc Health ...

My phone started running so slow, that it took me a hour to uninstall the app, it was that bad From that day on, I made a homescreen shortcut to m.facebook.com and used that instead, I tried a few wrapper apps, but none of them really fit me I got my new snappy phone, and threw Messanger on it, together with the homescreen shortcut My phone used to run quite well, but one day I wanted to Force Close Messenger I went into the app info and somehow accidentally uninstalled it Not a problem I ...

Scroll downwards and tap the Facebook messenger app to display the setting preferences associated with this app. 6. Several settings will be shown such as the option to uninstall the app and force stop it.

Also, if the memory is insufficient, you need to clean up your phone to make the application run normally. 3. Re-login to Facebook account. There might be something wrong with your Facebook account so you are also advised to re-login to the application on your phone.

Well, you can fix it, first, try deleting the cache and app data from your settings > Apps > Messenger > Storage. Also, sometimes slow internet connection speed can cause similar problems in the Messenger app e.g video not playing, for that restart your phone, or enable and disable the internet connection. Fix Messenger audio and voice problems

Removing someone from the room also removes them from the room chat. If you are a room participant, you should leave the call if someone is making you uncomfortable. To remove a room participant: From your room, click [number] People Here in the bottom left, then click People. Click next to the participant you would like to remove. Click Remove.

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