What should i do for my youtube channel?

Selina Miller asked a question: What should i do for my youtube channel?
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  • Set up your channel. If you haven’t done so already, follow these steps to create a new channel (you’ll need a Google account ): Sign in to YouTube or create an account. Try uploading a video. If you don't have a channel, you'll see a prompt to create one. Check the details (Google Account name and photo) and confirm.


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💻 What should a youtube channel be about?

It can be anything, but it has to be something. Your motivation is the basis for three key elements shared by every successful YouTube channel: topic coverage, target audience, and reason for existence. Topic coverage is WHAT your videos will be about… Reason for existence is WHY they should watch your videos.

💻 What should i name my youtube channel?

Your Name Should Describe Your Topic

That can lead to a flat, generic-sounding Channel Name (like: Videos For Weight Lifters). Instead, think of a creative way you can highlight (or even hint at) your channel's topic. For example, let's look at the Video Influencers channel.

💻 What should i put under youtube channel?

What equipment do you need to start a YouTube channel?

  • YouTube equipment – Gear Required for a Vlogger. The most cost-effective way to start a YouTube channel is by Vlogging or video blogging. Here the focus is on what you show rather than shut you say. In short, the message via your video news to hook the viewer.

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People sure do love playing video games. Amazingly, they love watching other people play games too. Markiplier is a YouTuber with gaming on a YouTube channel who has over 22 million subscribers. Viewers generally like to

Want to start a YouTube channel? Here are the 52 best YouTube Channel Ideas you should consider for your niche. These ideas are guaranteed to work in 2020. YouTube These are one of my favorite videos, and I can ...

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If you're giving an answer such as, "My channel's about beauty, and it's about travel, "and it's about vlogging," then it's about too many things. Get rid of all of the "ands". It should be about one specific topic, when you start your channel, because you need to appeal to a very specific audience.

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What should your channel key words beon youtube?

That's why you want to stick to around 5-7 keywords (which in most cases is approximately 50-75 characters). The study I mentioned earlier discovered that 50 characters is the “sweet spot” for Channel Keywords. If you're stuck or just want a few keyword ideas, check out the Channel Keywords that your competitors use.

What size should a youtube channel picture be?

800 x 800 pixels

YouTube recommends an image size of 800 x 800 pixels. Your image will be square, but YouTube will crop it further, into a circle. YouTube might've started as a place for video dating profiles, but it quickly transformed into a video-hosting platform for anyone and everyone. What size should my channel art be youtube?

2560px by 1440px

The ideal size for a YouTube channel art image is 2560px by 1440px. The safe area that will display on all devices is the central area of 1546px by 423px. What type of youtube channel should i start?

20 Most Popular YouTube Channel Types that you can start in 2021 1. Gaming YouTube was once dominated by gaming channels. At one point, even channels that were in completely different... 2. Make-up & Beauty Beauty channels focus primarily on make-up & skincare. With their expertise, they offer ...

Should i advertise my youtube channel?

Regularly publish your YouTube content to social media. It's no secret that video content crushes it on social media in terms of engagement and performance. As a result, you should regularly promote your YouTube channel to your social followers to encourage them to become subscribers.

Should i get a youtube channel?
  • One of the best reasons to start a YouTube channel could be teaching. If you’re a person likes to teach something, then YouTube is a great platform to start putting out content and building a community on it. A lot of people have different kinds of expertise, skills, and knowledge.
Should i make a youtube channel?

Share Your Expertise – Help People. This might be one of the best reasons to start a YouTube channel – share your expertise and knowledge, help people along the way, and if you acquire enough followers you can even make money from doing what you already know and love.

Should i start another youtube channel?

Since you're still establishing an audience it is ok to experiment and try new videos/shows. similar audience as your existing videos, its not necessary to start a new channel. However, make sure to check YouTube analytics after you release the new videos to confirm it appeals to the same audience.

Should you start a youtube channel?

Through YouTube channels, you can not only communicate with people in your own country. If you start a YouTube channel in English, chances are that you will be able to communicate with people all over the world. This can be quite exciting since you can make videos that are watched by people in various remote areas of your planet.

What game should i play for my youtube channel?


If you want to show off your creativity, bring in a sandbox game. The YouTube staple for that is, of course, Minecraft, but you could probably also expand that to other open world games that give you a lot of freedom. You really just want a game that gives you the tools to express yourself in your own way. What games should i play on my youtube channel?

What makes a good Let's Play channel on YouTube?

  • A good Let’s Play channel on YouTube is determined more by what you do than what games you play. Your choice of game does matter, but not nearly as much as your own personal style. What you really want to do is find games that compliment that. Remember that a Let’s Play isn’t a video game walkthrough.
What should be the name of your youtube channel?
  • The name of your channel should incorporate what kind of videos viewers can expect from you. Having a logo that attracts and keeps people’s attention is also a bonus. 2. Offer something professional
What should i do with my youtube channel art?
  • The most important thing you can have to brand your YouTube channel is your channel art. This is where you personalize your channel and add your own personality and style. The colors and style that you pick is entirely up to you. Make sure it works on all screen sizes, from desktop to mobile
What should i know before making a youtube channel?
  • Computer with a webcam and microphone.
  • A smartphone or other external camera for recording content.
  • Editing software that makes your life easier when assembling videos.
  • A clean, well designed station for working and recording.
What should i put in my youtube channel tag?
  • Here’s a few tags to include in every video: Your channel name or other identifier. It also doesn’t hurt to add a few more tags using your name, but instead use something like “ [your name] advice”, “ [your name] commentary”, or whatever it is that you are doing in the video. What you’re doing in the video.
What should i start a youtube channel about quiz?
  • What gave you the idea of staring a Youtube channel? ...
  • Why do you want to be a Youtuber…
  • How much time do you have to yourself? ...
  • Are you willing to pay for pricey equipment when you get more fans? ...
  • Do you have creative ideas? ...
  • Are you patience?
What should i write on my youtube channel description?
  • Set up your channel description to describe what your channel’s all about and what someone can expect if they were to subscribe to your channel. One great expectation to set from the very beginning is your posting schedule.
What should my youtube channel look like for gaming?
  • This is called presentation, and this YouTube gaming channel tip is all about that. Gamers enjoy great-looking graphics in their games, and video purveyors are used to tight editing and slick graphics. Your channel should have a nice avatar and banner that fits you and your content.
What should the name of my youtube channel be?
  • To enhance your creativity, you can make use of some punchy or catchy phrases that will appeal to viewers. This way, the name of your YouTube channel will appear on the homepage, YouTube’s search bar, and video content. Henceforth, make it sound as intriguing as possible.
How should i name my youtube channel?
  1. Avoid Using Numbers: Using a number in your channel (CookingWithMelissa85) can make your name seem autogenerated…
  2. Use Name Modeling: Think of some of the brands that you follow on and off YouTube.