What should be the name of my facebook page?

Holly Bergstrom asked a question: What should be the name of my facebook page?
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  • Your Page title should match popular search terms, and if they’re familiar with your business or blog, they’ll type in your business name as it is. Plus, keeping your Facebook Page name simple will ensure long-lasting relevance.

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Be specific. Avoid using a completely generic name like “Sports” or “Running.”. Facebook has been disabling updates for Pages with generic names because the network wants Pages to authentically represent businesses, celebrities and brands. Use the specific name associated with your business or fan Page.

Maybe it would be better to be able to say: “Facebook.com/RiverCityWidget”, “Facebook.com/WidgetFactory”, or “Facebook.com/RiverCity”. You want something people can share easily and maybe even remember.

Every Page needs a name. It's how people find you. And of course, you want people to be able to find you. Let's talk about your Facebook Page name. When you set up your Page, you'll need to name it. Here's a pro tip: Don't overthink it. I recommend using your business name for your Page.

Usernames all begin with the @ symbol and you'll see them below the profile image on your Page, just below your Page name. Here's an example: On Jasper's Market's Page, you can see their username is @jaspersmarket. Your username doesn't have to be identical to your Page name, but we recommend it. That way, it'll be easier for people to find you.

Your Facebook ‘Name’ is what appears at the top of your Facebook Page (near the ‘Like’ button). And your Username is the URL that appears in your browser’s address bar. Your Facebook Page name is important because it is the information Facebook uses to generate search results when people do a search using the Facebook search function.

The Magic Number is 25! Once your Facebook Page has 25 fans*, you can choose a custom Username (previously called a “Vanity URL”). It’s a short, easy to remember name, that you can use in your email signature, on your website, or on business cards. It’s basically a domain name registration, and it must be unique.

When fleshing out a page in this category, you can inform searchers by supplying an organization name, category, address, and phone number. You can also identify hours of operation, link to a website, showcase ratings and reviews, and supply basic contact information, in addition to your brand or product name.

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