What is youtube advertising?

Estella Kunze asked a question: What is youtube advertising?
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  • YouTube ads are ads that appear on Google’s video-sharing site. Since Google obtained ownership of YouTube, advertising on YouTube has become nearly as easy and customizable as advertising on AdWords . YouTube ads provide a number of targeting options and several different ad formats.

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Much like many self-served digital advertising platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube advertising all occurs online in Google AdWords. You create your videos and upload it to Google AdWords, choosing the ad targeting and placement for your ads. You bid to display the ad, paying any amount that is within your budget.

YouTube advertising allows you to run ads to consumers who are watching videos on the social platform. There are a number of YouTube ad types, from banners that run across the bottom of video content to free-standing video ads played before or after the content itself.

Watch feed ads (which include display ads) are ads that appear in the feed of recommended ...

YouTube ads are part of the Google Display Network (GDN). They’re a way of advertising on YouTube or in search results to maximize user reach. Since they’re part of Google, advertisers benefit from the vast user data available from Google. This data can be used to create a highly focused target audience.

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