What is the dispute between roku and youtube tv?

Alta Nolan asked a question: What is the dispute between roku and youtube tv?
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Roku, the leading streaming provider in the U.S. recently removed YouTube TV from its channel store, escalating an ongoing dispute over data use and search. That means no new subscribers can sign up, but existing ones can still view the bundle via Roku.

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Roku is the most popular streaming platform in the United States, with 38-percent market share according to Parks Associates. YouTube TV, meanwhile, is the second-most popular live TV streaming...

Customers who use YouTube TV might lose access to the app because "recent negotiations with Google to carry YouTube TV have broken down because Roku cannot accept Google's unfair terms," Roku told...

Why is it on them for buying a Roku to view YouTube TV? That statement is just wrong. Roku said “give us your money - we can stream YouTube TV.” The only two that know what is really going on is Roku and Google. Google says they are still hoping to come to an agreement. Roku is saying nothing.

Tv streaming service Roku and tech large Google are in the midst of a contract dispute that may flip individuals who use Google’s YouTube TV into harmless bystanders.. Clients who use YouTube TV would possibly lose entry to the app as a result of “current negotiations with Google to hold YouTube TV have damaged down as a result of Roku can’t settle for Google’s unfair phrases,” Roku ...

Gene, as you know, Roku last week announced that it would remove the YouTube TV app from its Channel Store because its carriage agreement with the streamer’s owner, Google, expired. The device maker says Google is trying to interfere with its search protocols, but Google denies that.

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