What is population health management software?

Lilian Langworth asked a question: What is population health management software?
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Ship ta webinar: population health management

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What Are Population Health Management Tools? Population Health Management (PHM) Software integrates data across healthcare IT systems and stores and aggregates patient data for analysis. These tools provide a large patient data resource and set of analytic tools to better predict and manage illnesses and diseases.

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These population health management solutions that are leveraging such data for improving health outcomes is a big step in PHM and gives the actual advantage of digital health information. Well, this is just a trailer of AI and ML can transform the traditional EHR.

Population health management requires both analysis and action. It's a comprehensive approach to uncovering gaps in care, filling those gaps - for the benefits of your patients and your practice - improving outcomes, aligning physicians, coordinating care, and optimizing efficiency and revenue.

Population Health Management Products Cerner HealtheIntent. Cerner offers their population health management software platform, HealtheIntent, their... Definitive Healthcare. Definitive Healthcare in Framingham offers a healthcare provider database providing contact data... IBM Phytel. IBM acquired ...

Population health management software aggregates data across healthcare systems and stores patient data for analysis. The best population health software tools provide large amounts of patient data and analytics tools to better predict patient health conditions.

Population health is a data-driven strategy focused on the proactive management of the health of a given population by a defined network of financially linked providers, achieved in partnership with the community.

Population health management (PHM) software provides the tools to monitor the health development of a group of patients for analysis purposes. Compare the best Population Health Management (PHM) software currently available using the table below.

Population Health Management is an emerging technique for local health and care partnerships to use data to design new models of proactive care and deliver improvements in health and wellbeing which make best use of the collective resources. What is Population Health Management?

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