What is an alternative dispute resolution ( adr ) scheme?

Stephon Dietrich asked a question: What is an alternative dispute resolution ( adr ) scheme?
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  • Consumer Rights. What is Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)? Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) schemes are processes that enable you to resolve a dispute you’re having with a company without having to go to court. We explain how they work.


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💻 What is dispute resolution scheme?

Dispute Resolution often known as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) refers to methods of resolving disputes without going to court and helps both parties avoid costly and lengthy legal proceedings. ADR falls into two main categories:

💻 What are the benefits of a dispute resolution scheme?

  • Dispute resolution schemes enhance the reputation of the scheme members as being fair to their consumers and committed to improving their products or services. Dispute resolution schemes are ‘owned’, usually by an industry or professional group or regulator, and have members who pay to belong to the scheme.

💻 When did the afca dispute resolution scheme start?

  • AFCA is a single dispute resolution scheme for financial services and commenced operations on 1 November 2018. AFCA can resolve complaints that a financial firm could not resolve at IDR.

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