What happens when your youtube copyright dispute gets rejected?

Joanne Ratke asked a question: What happens when your youtube copyright dispute gets rejected?
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After you appeal a rejected dispute, the copyright owner has 30 days to respond… Request immediate removal of your video: If they believe their claim is still valid, they may issue a copyright takedown request against your video. If this happens, you'll get a copyright strike on your account.


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💻 What happens if your youtube video gets copyright claimed?

If you upload a video that contains copyright-protected content, your video could get a Content ID claim… Copyright owners can set Content ID to block uploads that match a copyrighted work they own the rights to. They can also allow the claimed content to remain on YouTube with ads.

💻 What happens when app is rejected?

If your app gets rejected due to copyright/trademark issue, just review your app title, its description, images and remove all the copyrighted names from them. If you have taken any permission from the owner regarding the same, it will be allowed by Google, prior to proper proof submission.

💻 What happens if my copyright dispute is denied youtube?

As long as there are no other claims on your video, we will release the revenue earned during the dispute to you. Submit a copyright takedown request: If they believe their claim is still valid,...

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After you appeal a rejected dispute, the copyright owner has 30 days to respond. After you appeal, there are a few actions the copyright owner can take: Do nothing and let the claim expire : If the...

Delayed takedown request: If the claimant issues a delayed copyright takedown request, you can cancel your appeal within 7 days, which prevents the takedown and keeps the claim active on your...

After you appeal a rejected dispute, the copyright owner has 30 days to respond. After you appeal, there are a few actions that the copyright owner can take: Do nothing, let the claim expire : If they don't respond within 30 days, their claim on your video will expire, and you don't need to do anything.

What happens next? In almost all cases, YouTube will withdraw the copyright claim within 14 days with no further action required on your part. However, sometimes you may find that your dispute is rejected and that the copyright claim is reinstated. If this ever happens to you, be sure to file a dispute again. The claim wil eventually be dropped.

Go back to your Video Manager page and click on the video's copyright status again, and it should say that you disputed the claim, and it should give a date one month from the day your filed your dispute, by which the copyright holder must review your dispute and decide whether to release their claim or reinstate it.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is not the option of allowing you to attach any files when disputing on YouTube, so you'll need to include the link in your dispute so that the claimant can make sure that you have a proper license, and that the scope of the rights you were granted cover the use of the music on YouTube.

If your Dispute fails, then your next option is to Appeal the ContentID Flag. Just like the Dispute, an Appeal is decided solely by the Content Manager within thirty days.

The TL;DR of this. There's a clear mistake made by the content ID claim system. After disputing it my dispute gets rejected by a company that isn't even listed on the original claim. And even after the rejection the claim isn't updated and it appears as if the original 3 companies denied my dispute regardless of the email notification.

In this video I discuss Youtube Copyright Claims and Contend ID. I discus what you should do when you receive a Copyright notice on Youtube and how to handle...

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How long do copyright dispute take youtube?

After you appeal a rejected dispute, the copyright owner has 30 days to respond. After you appeal, there are a few actions the copyright owner can take: Do nothing and let the claim expire: If the copyright owner doesn’t respond within 30 days, then their claim on your video will expire and you don’t need to do anything.

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If you dispute a claim without a valid reason, the content owner may request a take down of your video. If we get a valid takedown request for your video, your account will get a copyright strike. Learn more about copyright strikes. You can also remove claimed content without having to upload a new video.

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What happens when counter notification for youtube copyright strike denied?

Submit a copyright counter notification. If you upload copyright-protected content to YouTube without the copyright owner’s authorization, it may be taken down. If you believe your video was taken...

What happens when you get a copyright claim on youtube?
  • Copyright Claims & YouTube When you receive a copyright claim, YouTube, as a third party, is basically saying that you the creator, can use the copyright owner’s content, but the owner of that copyrighted content has the right to place adverts on your video and earn income from it.
What happens when youtube flags a video as copyright claim?

You have officially submitted your copyright claim dispute against your Youtube video! Youtube now has 30 days to respond to your case. Be sure to pay attention to your emails to make sure you can answer any questions that may arise from Youtube moderators. Here is a video that walks you through this process as well.

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