Views youtube data where?

Hollie Little asked a question: Views youtube data where?
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View analytics by channel

  • Open the YouTube Studio app .
  • Tap Menu. Analytics.
  • At the top of the screen, choose one of the tabs. Click below to see what data each section shows:

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SEARCH – The data describes views that took place directly on the YouTube search results page. WATCH – The data describes views that occurred on the video's YouTube watch page or in an official YouTube application, such as the YouTube Android app.

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Identifies the YouTube channel or content owner for which you are retrieving YouTube Analytics data. To request data for a YouTube channel, set the ids parameter value to either channel==MINE or channel==CHANNEL_ID

The YouTube Data API is an API that provides access to YouTube data, such as videos, playlists, and channels. It lets you incorporate functions normally executed on the YouTube website into your website or application.

YouTube has a high convincing power to buyers, increasing their buying intent, and according to data shared by Google, 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube. Note: Please link back to and this page when you reference/quote the statistic.

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