Use shared folder install software virtual box how to?

Sarina Olson asked a question: Use shared folder install software virtual box how to?
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Add Shared folder

  1. In VirtualBox Manager select your Virtual Machine (VM)
  2. Settings >> Shared Folders >> Add new shared folder.
  3. Folder path: path to the folder to be shared with your VM.
  4. Folder name: name of the shared folder to be displayed in your VM.

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The procedure to add Shared Folders in VirtualBox is the same for any host OS. If you are setting up a new virtual machine with shared folder then click on Shared Folder. On an existing and running VM click go to Devices - Shared Folder Settings. Shared Folder Settings on Running VM

Automatically mount a shared folder to a mount point of your choosing. We used /mnt/shared in the examples. Manually mount (and unmount) a shared folder to a mount point of your choosing. Just keep in mind that the VirtualBox shared folder feature only works, if you installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions on your guest OS.

The answer is to insert the CD in a host drive, and mount it in the VM by clicking the Devices menu, then from it choose Optical drives | Host drive . This associates that host drive with the virtual drive seen by the guest.

Install the Oracle drivers. Once the installation process has been completed, you will be asked to reboot the system. After the reboot. Once you have performed a reboot for the Windows 10 Virtualbox client, you will be able to enjoy some extra features like: Custom resolution; Drag and Drop; Shared Folders

VirtualBox’s Shared Folders feature works with both Windows and Linux guest operating systems. To use the feature, you first need to install VirtualBox’s Guest Additions in the guest virtual machine. With the virtual machine running, click the “Devices” menu and choose the “Insert Guest Additions CD image” option.

To do that, log in to your guest, open a terminal window, and issue the command: sudo usermod -aG vboxsf $USER Close the terminal, shut down the guest, and then open the Settings window associated...

In order to configure shared folders, go to Machine > Settings and select the Shared Folders section. Hit the Add Share icon (a folder with a green plus), then enter the path of the folder you want shared on your host machine, and define the folder name. You can make a shared folder read-only and enable auto mount. In the current example, C:\Virtual\VirtualBox\shared_folder01 is used as a shared folder and the auto-mount option is

4.3. Shared Folders. With the shared folders feature of Oracle VM VirtualBox, you can access files of your host system from within the guest system. This is similar to how you would use network shares in Windows networks, except that shared folders do not require networking, only the Guest Additions. Shared folders are supported with Windows ...

Lab Environment. I am using Oracle VirtualBox 6.1 which is installed on Windows 10 host. It is possible the steps may vary in future with a different version of VirtualBox. I will use RHEL/CentOS 8 as my Linux OS to access the shared folder as normal and root user.

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