Treasure maps - worth it?

Markus Wintheiser asked a question: Treasure maps - worth it?
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They are really only worth doing if they are for a zone that has equipment you'd want to farm. I did the maps for Deshaan and nothing else. They give the same stuff as you get out of master-level treasure chests in a zone… If you enjoy looting chests, then it would probably be worth your play time.

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Make sure you don't trash Western Skyrim, Reach or Blackreach maps. You can compete them for leads that will net you 50k-300k, or you can just sell the maps for 20,000+. My opinion is they are worth selling. You can usually find the same map again later if you sell it and it’s not a big deal.

The loot at the treasure map locations is IMO worthless. You get a small amount of XP for finding it which is the only good thing. They usually only contain white level garbage, a couple of gold pieces and if you are lucky you might end up with an empty soul gem. Edited by Enemy-of-Coldharbour on November 7, 2014 4:01PM.

Treasure maps are useful in three cases: When they have a chance to drop a set you want, to use or to sell. When they have a chance to drop a motif lead you want, to use or to sell. Both of the above. The newest ancestral motifs in Blackwood and Markarth are still very rare and expensive, so those treasure maps can sell for tens of thousands.

Are treasure maps worth it? I bought a couple of treasure maps in Cyseal and finally opened the first treasure chest - Map 2, I think. But all I got from it was around a 100 gold and 2 equipments - one blue and one green. Nothing special at all. It seems like a complete waste to me.

Are treasure maps worth it Neopets? Literally never worth it. Underwater map for 8 million gives several aquatic food items and around 10k. Most aquatic food items are below 50k, and the ones above that are usually a few hundred thousand. It does also supposedly raise all your neopets by 1 level, but horrible deal.

I keep asking myself are treasure maps worth the effort. Perhaps I simply have terrible luck, but I tend to get 1.5-2-5kish gold approx. when digging up treasure. Considering the length of time to travel, I have to ask myself why? My fleet captains are better off coving things. My mournghouls are far better off killing things.

Boards. Fallout 76. Are treasure maps worth it? User Info: Adams41. Adams41 1 year ago #1. I have 5 treasure maps are they worth it and if I sell them in my camp what is a good price. User Info: Sera67. Sera67 1 year ago #2. They've been updated slightly, so they drop plans abit more. (mix of camp and armors) you'll get random weapons, junk etc.

Sorry guys it was an issue with my 2nd pc so the first upload got pooped BUT ITS FIXED NOWSo ... were back in fallout 76 and im wondering ... why should you ...

Treasure maps no i found it out the hard way bought a full Orginal Treasure Map and Sooky Treasure map 60k for the spooky and i dunno bout 200k for the original 1 i got 40k in rewards for the orginal and 5k in total reward for the spooky in other words WASTE tough the Aqua and space 1's do seem to be worth it..

It's really only the Blackreach, Western Skyrim, and the Reach maps that are worth anything. Even maps like Deshaan will barely sell for more than a couple hundred whereas the 3 i listed sell for 20,000-50,000 or more. 3

Treasure Maps: Worth it or not? [Question] I'm interested in the idea of treasure map hunting, I know some of the items within them are fairly valuable but my question is as follows: I would like to try out big hunting maps (the ones where you go into dungeons and stuff) as I never have before, but my research has shown that people are negatively inclined towards them (as they're heavily RNG based and not that fair), so do people just not do them anymore? And are regular maps just as RNG ...

CE maps are not worth it unless you want an excuse to explore, as they only drop non set stuff. I generally sell mine for around 100 gold. Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about. PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"

Anyways, to your question: the maps that I feel are worth more are the ones for Wrothgar, Deshaan, Shadowfen (those zones have valuable sets you can sell), Rivenspire (good set to sell as well, and, as a bonus, Rivenspire seems filled with regular chests, so you go find a treasure and open 5 other chests on the way) and Cyrodiil (no one wants to go treasure hunting there, so maps are very cheap, but the motifs from them sell well and very quickly).

Treasure map worth it? User Info: Net Shark. Net Shark 4 years ago #1. How do you guys feel about this? Worth it or a paid cheat sort of? Join my club on the console: Xbox One Universe. GT: Net Sh4rk. User Info: Mad_Cow46. Mad_Cow46 4 years ago #2. Definitely a cheat but I bought it because the cost is nothing compared to how lazy I am. It's a new day. Make sure to take advantage of that. User Info: Net Shark. Net Shark (Topic Creator) 4 years ago #3. Mad_Cow46 posted... Definitely a cheat ...

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