There are no posts to show right now facebook?

Moshe Klein asked a question: There are no posts to show right now facebook?
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  • To fix There are no more posts to show right now on Facebook error, you can clear the cache and cookies for the Facebook app on your phone and the browser. Sometimes, the cache can be the reason for experiencing the ‘no more posts to show’ error on Facebook.

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Original article: A Facebook bug that claims that there are "No posts to show" on a lot of newsfeeds is making the Friday night of some users seem like they are leading boring lives. The blank...

Many users are reporting that they're opening the Facebook app and website only to see a blank space that says there are no more posts to show right now.

Jokes between friends now passed away. Facebook lets people download their full user ... Occasionally, the site offers a more exhausted message: “There are no more posts to show right now.”

As of the last few days ( 9/22/20 now ) Facebook has only shown me the most recent posts for the last hour. Then it says no more posts. I restarted Facebook and just now clicked on Most recent and only got one post to show. How can we go back through posts from the middle of the night or when we are not home if they limit it to one hour ?

6. Facebook removed “Our Story” section. With this 2021 update, Facebook has removed the “Our Story” section as mentioned earlier. The Facebook “Our Story” for your page was meant to be a glimpse of what your brand and page is about, but now Facebook wants you to add this to the “Additional Information” portion of your profile.

Unpublished or “Dark” Posts and Facebook’s Algorithm . These weird-sounding posts are simple unpublished posts that show up as ads to your audience. Users cant search for them on your timeline but they will pop up on their news feed now and then. These are ads that won’t turn off your audience as are aimed primarily at reaching new ...

You can repost older videos as if they were a new post. To do so go to your Facebook page > Publishing Tools > Video Library > click on a video you’d like to repost > click Create Post with Video.

If there are no scheduled posts on a Page or if they’ve been deleted or published already, the ‘Scheduled Posts’ screen will look something like this. On Facebook app. Unfortunately, you cannot create or check your scheduled posts on the Facebook app on iOS or Android. This is because the ‘Publishing Tools’ feature available on the Facebook web app isn’t accessible when using the Facebook mobile app.

Unhide posts of your choice. Once you’ve found the content you want to unhide, click the circle with a diagonal line running through it to the right of the post. When you click on this no symbol, you’ll see a menu that lets you allow the content on your timeline, hide it, or delete it.

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