The taskbar is showing when i watch youtube?

Kraig Jaskolski asked a question: The taskbar is showing when i watch youtube?
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Right click on the Taskbar. 2. Click on Show Task View button if it is ticked to hide it. This will hide the Taskview Button from taskbar and if you don't use it , its better to get rid of it.

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The taskbar is showing up when I watch Youtube and covers the bottom of the screen. Solved. Basically title. The taskbar covers part of the bottom of the screen. I've tried F11 and I only have one monitor. This also happens in League of Legends on borderless mode. I have to put it in fullscreen to make the taskbar go away.

The answer is very simple, reset your internet browser, there a option in youtube call : DO NOT SHOW HD VIDEO, when you click on the gear for video resolution this option appear

Users need the taskbar for various reasons. It’s important to fix the taskbar once the streaming of content has been completed. In this case, we have provided a detailed guide about the taskbar use and how to hide the taskbar on YouTube to view in Fullscreen.

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