Should i make youtube videos in english or hindi?

Buford Schuppe asked a question: Should i make youtube videos in english or hindi?
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I recommend you to to make videos with Hindi language so you reach maximum number of people. In India About 54% of online videos that we watch are in Hindi, while English is preferred by only 16% of the viewing population, followed by Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Bengali, Which is disclosed by YouTube.

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For eg, if it is a channel based on study tutorials, then it is better to upload your videos in English but if it is some cooking tutorial then hindi is better. You can also combine. For eg. comedy. If your channel is an entertainment channel then, you can converse with the viewers in both English and Hindi.

You should figure out what your target audience is and then make the videos in their language. If your target audience is mostly Hindi speaking then do the videos in Hindi. If they are mostly English then make the videos in English. I wouldn't make multiple videos in different languages as that would decrease the number of views per video which ...

Making content in english will help you to develope a better english, in my case I started doing youtube videos in order to improve my english and it has helped me a lot also podcasting. So I will say english content could bring you better things :)

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Could & Would का सही Use | Learn Modal Verbs in English Grammar in hindi | English Speaking Practice - YouTube.

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