Reddit - is it legal or illegal to download youtube videos?

Franz Senger asked a question: Reddit - is it legal or illegal to download youtube videos?
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Is it legal to download YouTube videos Reddit? It's illegal (under the TOS) but it's unlikely you'd be pursued for doing so. The videos are copyrighted so downloading would contravene copyright law.

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Is it legal to download youtube videos, even with permission from the owner? There's this really cool playlist I just found on youtube and can't seem to find the download link to it anywhere so just came across an article on how to download youtube playlist and just realized from the disclaimer, that it may be illegal to download the video from the various online tools.

Downloading videos from youtube is all one sided so no they can't go after you. Uploading the videos run through filters that can block your content. Although if your videos get large enough views it's not uncommon to get striked.

In other words, using sites which allow you to download YouTube videos is not permitted by YouTube. The rightsholders of those videos intended that you only watch the video via YouTube (not through any other means), particularly because in doing so, the rightsholder gets paid for you viewing it (either from ads or from the YouTube Red subscription).

84-175. · 4y Germany. The moment you are watching a Youtube video on your computer, you are already downloading it, which is obviously perfectly legal - it's the intended use of Youtube, after all. IANAL, but downloading it via any different method 1 than the website shouldn't change that.

It Legal to Download YouTube Videos? TMK, it’s not illegal if the content is of public record, not copyrighted, and not redistributed for profit; however, it is a violation of YouTube policy. In YouTube’s Terms of Service agreement, under section 5-B it explicitly states:

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