Questions to ask a client when developing software?

Jerome Crooks asked a question: Questions to ask a client when developing software?
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10 Important Questions to Ask a Custom Software Development Company

  • How do you estimate project timelines? ...
  • What's the first step you take in a project? ...
  • What's your project management style? ...
  • Are contractors used for any of the work? ...
  • How many developers do you have? ...
  • What is the potential for updates?

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Key to Software Outsourcing Success – Important Questions to Ask an Outsourcing Company When assessing a software development company to outsource your project, it is important to not only assess their skills and experience in developing software but their ability to deliver a project similar to yours and their experience in collaborating with clients similar to you.

Choosing a custom software development company is a big decision. Since it directly affects the outcome of your finished product, your team shouldn’t treat it lightly. However, it can be hard to know what to ask a potential company ...

The app development company and the client have to agree on the ongoing budget once the app is live. There will probably be hosting costs, ongoing optimization of the app on-boarding and in-app use, discovery optimization, push notification services.

When starting a new software project, there are a series of questions that need to be explored before diving headfirst into the development cycle. At Atomic, we often spend time in what we call the “Research, Design, and Planning” phase of the project to do just that.

Before handing over the project to the software development company, another important question to ask is if the team going to handle your project is technology familiar or not. It’s essentially required if the business wants the project to be curated and developed using a specific technology only.

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Let's walk through a few important questions that are usually ignored by product owners at outsourcing software development companies and I will try to explain why answers are so crucial. I’ve grouped the questions into the following categories — business, marketing, and functional. A typical case is that we may need to speak with several people to get the right answers.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to 10 questions to ask when developing software. Not only will these questions aid in outlining the purpose and intent of the software, but also in the successful execution and completion of your software development project. #1.

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