Private youtube video url change when goes public?

Ryley Ortiz asked a question: Private youtube video url change when goes public?
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Whatever you do with the video, URL remains the same. Only when you delete it and upload again, the URL changes. The url is the same regardless of privacy status :) thanks for the help!

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If I change video status from "private" to "public" on my YouTube channel, will my subscribers get the notification or not? Yes It counts as “publishing” a video, so even when you uploaded a private or unlisted video years in advance, they get a notification when you make it public.

Visit your Video Manager Find the video you’d like to set to private and click the Edit button In the “Privacy Settings” drop-down menu, select Unlisted Click Save Changes. 3.

The problem arises from the fact YouTube can’t enhance or improve the video resolution. Therefore, if the video you upload or the video you are watching was uploaded in a medium or even low resolution, it can’t be increased through YouTube. Say, for example, you uploaded a video with a resolution of 360p, that is as good as it will ever be. No matter where or how you are viewing it.

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