Pictures i can use on my youtube channel?

Valentine Thompson asked a question: Pictures i can use on my youtube channel?
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Tap Your channel. Tap EDIT CHANNEL, then tap your banner image on the right. You can take a photo or choose a photo to upload....Profile picture guidelines

  • JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file (no animated GIFs).
  • 800 X 800 px image (recommended).
  • Square or round image 4 MB or smaller.

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I want to know if I can safely use copyrighted characters on my youtube channel, specifically on things like my profile picture, youtube wallpaper, etc. without getting hit by copyright infringement. I am not selling any art on the channel and the art would be there merely to somewhat show what I do on the channel. Specific characters that I wish to use are Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, Goku Black, Android 21, and Zamasu, and Cloud Strife to name a few. Those are characters I play in video ...

So let’s get started with 12 ideas for YouTube channels you can launch without showing your face. Remember if you need help with graphics, banners, subtitles or many other of my secret weapons to grow faster on YouTube then check out my resources page – dozens of tools I couldn’t live without. OR if you need help of thinking of youtube video ideas without showing your face – there are 13 direct examples of what you can make RIGHT NOW! Gaming. With over 100 million subscribers ...

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