Phone keeps freezing when watching youtube?

Roman Green asked a question: Phone keeps freezing when watching youtube?
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Sometimes your account can get corrupted and you need to fix it. To do so, simply remove your Google account and then add it again. Reboot your phone and wait for a few seconds. This will fix freezing problem on YouTube app on Android and iOS.

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YouTube has become very popular these years and it has more than a billion daily views. Lately, more users are watching YouTube videos from their smartphones than from they computers. Also Read: How To Recover Deleted Photos & Videos Android 2014. So the freezing problem is very serious considering majority of videos are watched from ...

If your phone keeps freezing and performing slow, learn the most common cause and how to rectify the problem.

Youtube freezes while playing videos: Apps General Discussion: 1: Jul 11, 2016: S: Android Youtube App Freezing 1080p on my Samsung S5 Neo: Apps General Discussion: 19: Jun 6, 2016: M: Chrome Youtube subscription freeze up: Apps General Discussion: 5: Mar 19, 2016: Google Chrome keeps freezing, when playing YouTube videos. Apps General ...

Nearly every live steam I watch on YouTube recently suffers from the picture freezing (the sound carries on working). Does not happen during non live content. If I pause it and play again it'll unfreeze but at its worst it'll freeze every 10 seconds or so. Watching the same stream on my phone simultaneously has no issues, it's specific to the ps4.

Part 2. 4 Methods to Solve the Android Phone Keeps Freezing Issue. The Android phone freezing issue can be easily solved using the ways given in this part of the article. You can choose the one you prefer according to your own situation. Method 1. Force Restart Your Android Device. You need to close the processes that keep running in the background. This can be done by force restarting your ...

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