Pc keeps restarting when i watch youtube?

Stephany Bechtelar asked a question: Pc keeps restarting when i watch youtube?
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If your PC shuts down by itself while you're watching videos, it is very likely that you have a hardware issue. A PC shutting down can be the result of overheating or faulty hardware, but given that watching videos is highly unlikely to overheat it, you should check the hardware.

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I have a similar problem. I will have youtube open and in 15-45 minutes my PC will crash, When i check the event logs the crashes are caused by "Event ID 41" I have tried everything to fix this and it is really bothering me.

When I'm watching a video on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video PC will restart itself. No crashing messages, no bluescreen, no freezing before restart. What puzzles me the most is the inconsistency of this behaviour. The restart sometimes happens within a few seconds of starting a video, sometimes minutes, sometimes an hour, and sometimes it doesn't!

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Close Task Manager and select "OK" When you restart the computer, it's in a clean boot environment. Check whether your laptop still freezes when watching videos or not. Reset the computer to start after clean boot troubleshooting and resume functionality normally.

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