Pbs on youtube tv when?

Lilla Jones asked a question: Pbs on youtube tv when?
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Additional PBS stations will launch on YouTube TV in 2020.

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So the good news is PBS is still planning to launch on YouTube TV by the end of December 2019. According to several sources, YouTube TV has the final say on when PBS and PBS Kids will go live on the service.

Report: PBS coming to YouTube TV in November, local stations worried about cost. Last month, Google announced that PBS and PBS Kids is coming to YouTube TV. A new report pegs a November launch of...

In a post from Cord Cutters News, there were reports that PBS and PBS Kids channels would be made available on YouTube TV by today, Nov. 4, but a tweet from Twin Cities PBS said the plans have now shifted to some time before the end of the year.

Not all PBS stations will go live on November 4. Some have reported that they will be live in a later roll out of PBS stations later this year. A few PBS stations have even hinted that their roll out may not be until sometime in 2020. Sadly, YouTube and PBS have not publicly announced a list of stations that will go live on November 4.

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