Or-hdt-01 what does this error code mean youtube?

Larue Hayes asked a question: Or-hdt-01 what does this error code mean youtube?
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1/15/19. Recommended Answer. Relevant Answer. That error means they had troubles verifying your card.

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I am able to open my Gmail account on Google play store but I can't purchase any offer during purchasing it says your transaction cannot be completed but my payment method is 100% legal and I have some money in this account so I wanna make a purchase but I don't have enough money to buy another Google play card or reedom it on Google play store

1] If you use your Google Payments profile, then go to Google Payments Center and make sure you are signed into the same account that you use for Google Voice. Validate your profile and payment methods, and delete and add back any payments cards just in case they are not correctly setup in the system. Make sure your home address is not a PO Box ...

Your transaction cannot be completed. [OR-HDT-01]. I have done all the suggestions online including making sure my billing address is correct, using a different device, and using a different credit card. This is my first time attempting to purchase a game through Stadia, but I was able to use my credit card to get the one month free trial to ...

1. It looks like your Google Play registration payment didn’t process. This can happen sometimes if a card has expired, the credit card or credit card verification (CVC) number was entered incorrectly, or if your billing address doesn't match the address in your Google Payments account.

When you try to install or update an app from the Play Store, it sends an error message stating, "App can’t be installed due to an Error 100 – No Connection." Solution First, navigate to Settings>Date and Time .

Your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction on your account. After accepting the purchase from the paypal website, it took me back as normally do to steam page but it stuck on "working..." i closed the window, i tried to buy again and i get that messsage. but idk how to cancel the pending transaction.

This means that additional time is needed for GA to process your sales Sometimes it is quick (like 15-30 minutes), sometimes it will take longer Officially, Google needs up to 24

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