No sound when playing youtube on chrome?

Stefan Aufderhar asked a question: No sound when playing youtube on chrome?
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💻 No sound when playing youtube videos in chrome?

Google Chrome Sound Not Working in Windows 10.🔇Do you run YouTube videos on Google Chrome but do not have sound even after checking the computer volume?

💻 Why isn't youtube playing sound in chrome?

1. YouTube Sound Not Working in Google Chrome Here you can resolve the YouTube audio problems by changing the audio settings. Just go to the control panel and click on the "sound" setting. Change it from "5.1" to "Stereo."

💻 Why won't sound work when playing youtube with google chrome?

In many cases, the reason why you can't hear sound through Google Chrome is because the website playing it is automatically muted. Each tab in Chrome can be muted, allowing you to only hear the sounds you want to hear on specific pages. You'll need to unmute the tab to fix the problem.

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Google Chrome Sound Not Working in Windows 10.🔇Do you run YouTube videos on Google Chrome but do not have sound even after checking the computer volume? Thi...

How To Fix No Sound In Google Chrome - YouTube. How To Fix No Sound In Google Chrome. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try ...

Windows 10: youtube has no audio in Google Chrome 1) Go in Menu (in top right corner) 2) Click More/More Instruments (depends on the version of Chrome) 3) Click Extensions 4) Delete everything except these:

This tutorial will help you Fix No Sound In Google Chrome.A lot of people prefer to use Google Chrome as their main Internet browser. However, many users ha...

Since we don't know exactly what is wrong with your Chrome profile.....we don't know why sound fails in that profile for we don't know what setting or settings to change. Resetting Chrome probably will undo most of your customizations.....and that is the point of resetting: it might fix the issue.

If you are dealing with YouTube no sound chrome then the problem might have occurred due to an obsolete audio driver. This you can resolve by undergoing simple steps. Step 1: Open the device manager In the first step, you just have to press the X and windows keys and then pick Device Manager.

Actually, many people have encountered this problem on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers. Several factors could cause that YouTube videos play fine but no audio, such as disable sound by accident, there is something wrong on your browser or the Flash Player, and more.

Recommended Answer. Relevant Answer. A Postscript ~ as i continued to troubleshoot, I RESOLVED THE ISSUE -- for any who may be in the same problem as i had : i cleared my history/cache/cookies/etc for '1 month' back -- and restarted my computer !! Youtube SOUND was returned !! Google user. recommended this.

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Google chrome crashes when playing youtube videos?

Chrome’s data can also clog up YouTube’s video output. So, clearing Chrome’s data might make some difference when playing videos in the browser. Follow the guidelines below to clear Chrome’s data. Open Chrome’s top-right menu by clicking the Customize and control Chrome button.

Google chrome not responding when playing youtube?

It's always possible something was corrupted, or the combination of settings caused a problem. The only way to know for sure is to reset everything to the way it was when you installed Chrome the first time. Reinstall Chrome. If it seems like nothing works, reset Chrome to default, uninstall it, and install it again.

No sound when playing youtube iphone?

The problem is the sound coming into the system. It's okay with up to hd sound and video. But when they try to send you 4k or uhd it doesn't get recognized therefore …

Squeaking sound when youtube is playing?

Ever have problems with your cello sounding squeaky? Or just not great?! Check out this video =)

Weird sound when playing youtube videos?

When I watch a Youtube video, the sound stops for a second, then the speaker makes a very loud earrape beep before the sounds turn on again. What is wrong with my laptop speakers? This issue happened to me all the times, I am scared of watching Youtube videos with sounds on.

No sound on youtube when using chrome?

If you have no sound in Chrome, you can check the volume mixer and make sure that the chrome is not muted. Make sure that you have not muted the video. You can update your sound driver. You can use volume mixer to check your volume system.

Why on chrome cast youtube keeps playing tv station sound?

If you’re streaming from Chrome on your Chromebook or another computer, you can use the built-in Chromecast extension to ensure audio is optimized for sound. Tap on the extension in Chrome, select...

No sound or poor sound when playing youtube videos?

When a YouTube video is playing but there is no sound, the first that comes to your mind is to open and check other videos. So if the other videos are working normally, it makes sense to conclude that some YouTube videos with no sound are faulty.

Chrome browser glitching when playing youtube channel trailers?

Developed by Google, Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser. A large number of people all over the world like to use Google Chrome for searching information. Yet, like another other web browsers, Chrome is not perfect; issues happen now and then to affect the using of Google Chrome.

Google chrome keeps freezing when playing youtube videos?

The Chrome reset tool. This is mainly for removing malware or serious errors with the browser but is apparently works with freezing video too. Open Chrome and select the three dots and then...

Google chrome not respondin when playing youtube videos?

To make YouTube video play in Chrome again, you need to know what causes this problem and then puts forward feasible solutions. I come up with this detailed guide, including causes and various solutions to the YouTube videos not playing in Chrome problem. Part 1. Chrome Doesn’t Play YouTube Videos: The Possible Scenarios; Part 2.

Screen tearing on youtube when playing in chrome?

To disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome, follow the steps below: Open Google Chrome. Click Customize and Control Google Chrome > Settings. Click on Show advanced settings and scroll to...

Youtube missing controls when playing in chrome win10?

My Windows 10 laptop has suddenly started showing me a pop-up display for "chrome.exe" when playing audio from sources on Google Chrome - much like Spotify's "volume banner". Recently, I tried to watch a YouTube video and there's a large, unnecessary pop-up for a "chrome.exe" source and I can't seem to find a way to remove it.

Youtube stops playing when i switch tabs chrome?

How to Stop Chrome from Reloading When You Switch Tabs [ 2018]Are you sick and tired of Google Chrome doing an auto refresh every time you switch back and fo...

Crackling sound only when playing youtube videos?

This video demonstrates how to fix crackling sound output in windows 10

No sound when playing youtube on android?

Step 1, Open Sonos. This app icon looks like the word “sonos” in white on a black background. You can find this app on either your home screen, in the app drawer, or by searching.Step 2, Tap ••• . This is in the lower right of your screen.Step 3, Tap Add Music Services.

No sound when playing youtube on ipad?

If you lose sounds for keyboard clicks, games or other apps, email notifications and other notifications, system sounds may have been muted. System sounds can be muted and controlled two different ways. The screen lock rotation can be controlled in the same manner as well. Settings>General>Use Side Switch to: Mute System sounds. If this option is selected, the switch on the side of the iPad above the volume rocker will mute system sounds.

Ocasional crackling sound when playing youtube video?

Also, try to restart the Audio services, refer to the steps below: 1. Press Windows key + R, then type in services.msc and clickOK. 2. Scroll down and locate Windows Audio. 3. Right-click on Windows Audio, select Restart. 4. Double click the Windows Audio and make sure that the startup type is set to Automatic. 5.

Occasional crackling sound when playing youtube video?

Crackling sound when playing video files. So over the last few weeks, i've noticed an occasional crackling sound when playing video files on windows 10. It affects, youtube & netflix in chrome and edge as well as from files on my pc.

Sound cracking when playing 4k youtube video?

Hello, I am using Firefox version 83.0 on a MacBook Pro 13 2020 with macOS Big Sur. Recently, I have noticed my laptop making popping/crackling sound randomly when I play 4K Youtube videos on Firefox. It doesn't happen constantly, just random times (about 2-3 times) in a video about 30min long.