My realplayer won't download videos from youtube?

Wilma Barton asked a question: My realplayer won't download videos from youtube?
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Date created: Sun, Jun 13, 2021 12:26 AM
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Unable to download from

  • Solution 1: Delete temporary files and adjust privacy and security settings.
  • Solution 2: Adjust your firewall software to allow the download.
  • Solution 3: Update your web browser.
  • Solution 4: Set your browser to save the file instead of automatically playing it.

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(2) Start RealPlayer (3) Click "Tools" (4) Then click "Check for Updates". (5) Follow the instructions to install the Critical Updates. After that the "Download this video" button should reappear when watching videos

Best answer: Hi, Please follow these steps: Go to RealPlayer File -> open and paste the youtube URL in the box. Hit OK. You will see the YouTube page in RealPlayer and it will allows you to download using its download option....

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