My computer shuts down when watching youtube?

Gayle Lehner asked a question: My computer shuts down when watching youtube?
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A PC shutting down can be the result of overheating or faulty hardware, but given that watching videos is highly unlikely to overheat it, you should check the hardware. It is also possible that the culprit is a driver for your graphics card, which will be very easy to solve.

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My PC shuts down when watching YouTube. CPU: Intel Core 2 E7500, RAM: 4.00GB, GPU: Intel G41 Express Chipset, PSU: 450W. I have updated all of my drivers. This thread is locked.

Computer crashes when watching videos Windows 10 may also result from issues of installed third party applications/programs. If the above solutions aren't helpful, you can try to boot the computer in Clean boot state to check if the issue persists. How to perform a clean boot Step 1.

Alright, turn on firewall if its not, then, go to CONTROL Panel, Performance and maintenance, System, Advanced [tab], Startup and recovery [settings], and for automatic restart, uncheck this. WARNING: this may put your computer at risk, but not likely.

If the computer shuts down while watching videos, restart the computer and open event viewer and check for error logs and post them here. 1. Open Event Viewer by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-

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