Mac dock staying when youtube full screen?

Michelle Greenfelder asked a question: Mac dock staying when youtube full screen?
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Date created: Wed, Jun 2, 2021 6:44 AM
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If you open the Dock preferences (Command + Space, type in Dock, push enter), then alter the Dock to be on the left/right side of the screen, and then alter it to be back on the bottom, it will not show up over fullscreen windows.

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try re-launching the dock by typing "killall Dock" in the terminal. if this doesnt work try deleting the preference file in home/library/preferences NB: this will set your dock to default settings.

Think of full-screen mode as a full-screen mode of a video on a youtube. you wouldn't want any menu bar appearing on that full-screen while watching any video. Similar is the logic behind the disappearance of the menu bar while in full mode of any application. the only other option is to maximize the application to view the menu bar.

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